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i love practical jokes that inconvenience overworked underpaid wage laborers, why doesnt everyone be an ass to get notes on tumblr 

I am one of those overworked, underpaid wage laborers, but if I came across this in the mystery section at my store, I’d probably just sit on the floor and laugh for a good twenty minutes before they sent ‘the crazy one’ home.

As long as the joke makes sense, and isn’t harmful I would have a good laugh too. Being underpaid and overworked tends to allow me enjoy the stupidest things in life~

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There are no dumb questions on this blog, my friend! I’ll bet a bunch of people are currently reading this thinking MAN I’D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW THAT TOO.

So, let’s talk CHEMISTRY. When onions are grown, they absorb sulfur from the earth, which creates a kind of volatile, organic molecule called amino acid sulfoxides. These form sulfenic acids in the onion cells, and they’re kept separate from enzymes (complex proteins that cause chemical changes). By cutting an onion, you’re actually breaking its cells—so enzymes are now free to mix with the acids. Together they form a sulfur gas called propanethiol S-oxide, and this wafts right up towards your eyes without mercy.

When it reaches them, the gas reacts with the water in your eyes and forms a mild sulfuric acid, which is what causes the REALLY irritating pain. As a defence mechanism, you reflexively tear up to wash the irritant away.

So when you cry, it’s not due to being emotional about cooking, it’s because you have SULFURIC ACID IN YOUR EYES.

That’s pretty badass.

So… what Johnny thought was H2O was H2SO4… but really what happened was johhny chopped up a crap ton of onions and then drank his tears and died. Cooking is dangerous.

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